8 Geg 2020
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3 Scary Games today guys... needed to find something QUIET to play while my dad was sleeping... uhhh that last game might've woken him up.
CoryxKenshin Old Town Road:
Jonah Who?:
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Outro By: - Animation
KrpticUnknown - Beat


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Farmington Hills, MI 48333

Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.


#coryxkenshin #Scary #3ScaryGames

  • Cory I am eating hot chips right now 😅

    Roy McfaddenRoy McfaddenPrieš 23 minutes
  • "PUt It bAcK ..pUT It back"

    Rory DoyleRory DoylePrieš 5 val
  • This intro is everything probs 😂

    Jordan ThorntonJordan ThorntonPrieš 12 val
  • 1:59 Bruh...I am dying xD

    Jasper Moss IIIJasper Moss IIIPrieš 21 val
  • Yay Cory sings old town road!!! Like if you like Cory singing old town road if you want

    Candy PopCandy PopPrieš dieną
  • the cabin in the woods...not spooky at all.

    Lizzy MccarterLizzy MccarterPrieš dieną
  • 19:08 what about his dad

    AfroforkAfroforkPrieš dieną
  • 13:03 Cory though you were friendly fam my guy

    Bill cipher *Animator*Bill cipher *Animator*Prieš dieną
  • 2:30-2:28 eating SMR

    Bill cipher *Animator*Bill cipher *Animator*Prieš dieną
  • It sounded like cory sweared at 15:50

    OP RikoOP RikoPrieš dieną
  • Me when Im playing ps4 while my dad's asleep

    Json VergaraJson VergaraPrieš dieną
  • Cory my dads sleeping so we gotta be quiet also Cory ten minutes later 🗣🗣🗣🗣

    JOE BOYJOE BOYPrieš dieną
  • How are you still scared of your dad?

    sutuq Hoodsutuq HoodPrieš dieną
  • cory makes his final words speech at the end of the vid before he get beat

    Super LukeSuper LukePrieš 2 dienas
  • 10:24 if u look at the date u realize thats when key glock was born-

    Morgan GouardMorgan GouardPrieš 2 dienas
  • I thought that was cory's dad XD 21:27

    AstroAstroPrieš 2 dienas
  • He posted this on my birthday

    Mr FinkleberryMr FinkleberryPrieš 3 dienas
  • ur rapping skills are on POINT BAAAAAABY BOI

    Ezra OkothEzra OkothPrieš 3 dienas
  • Nah my mama is scary

    Munesuishe MutepfaMunesuishe MutepfaPrieš 3 dienas
  • Hahahaha

    Dragon kingDragon kingPrieš 3 dienas
  • Black

    Mr.BigØpp Zillagang steppaMr.BigØpp Zillagang steppaPrieš 3 dienas
  • best intro ever

    liftNfoxliftNfoxPrieš 4 dienas
  • cory: i gotta be quiet my daddy sleeping also cory : OOOOHHH HECKS NAAAWLLLL !!!

    Faithy MarshallFaithy MarshallPrieš 4 dienas
  • barrrrrrrssssss

    Elizabeth KinardElizabeth KinardPrieš 4 dienas
  • 2:19 I'm actually holding my laugh in so I won't wake up my entire house

    XiloXiloPrieš 5 dienų
  • I hate how I saw three of the same comments

    OrangeManOrangeManPrieš 5 dienų
  • My Dad: Sleeps Cory: Let's play Horror Games

    XsSpeakerHeadXsSpeakerHeadPrieš 5 dienų
  • Oh my god is he ok he's been drinking weird and he's been eating weird he's just messing around I think he's making the video really funny he did a good job LTworlds.!

    Zoe LoweZoe LowePrieš 5 dienų
  • Cory: *trys to open bag-o-cheetos* Bag: I N T E N C E

    alex malonealex malonePrieš 5 dienų
  • 3:41 that’s sooooooo fax🥳🤩😖😖😖😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭

    Romero SharkeyRomero SharkeyPrieš 5 dienų
  • that was fire

  • When you see this guy at school Me just kills him

    Simeon LewisSimeon LewisPrieš 6 dienų
  • Me: the static at 10:13 is like making music Also me: plays holiday wihh the static by covering it and letting go

    Big PoorerBig PoorerPrieš 6 dienų
  • Who else thought he almost cussed 😭

    KKKapriKKKapriPrieš 6 dienų
  • Hey. I actually wanna start a LTworlds channel and would actually like to start of with 1k subscribers so I can start posting videos. I have goals and would like to start of with LTworlds so can I receive help from you guys.

    NINAAANINAAAPrieš 7 dienų
  • "If you ain't eatin Hawt Chee-Toes at 8 AM what is you doin?" Me: *Going to school*

    LGBTQ DylanLGBTQ DylanPrieš 7 dienų
  • Cory: people in these horror shorts ALWAYS INVESTIGATE also him in the third game: wHaT iS tHaT???

    Yahaira AcostaYahaira AcostaPrieš 7 dienų
  • Ngl I eat hot fries when I wake up

    Ja’Quez KressJa’Quez KressPrieš 7 dienų
  • Can't say how perfect it is that you say "Thank you" after you sneeze. My behind always audibly sayin' "Bless"... 😂😂

    ChigginWhengzChigginWhengzPrieš 7 dienų
  • ALL I got to say is that u be eats and drinking loud as heck when u clearly said guys i gotta be quiet

    StoneBossStoneBossPrieš 8 dienų
  • Im actually eating cheetos at 8:23

    Aazin HamadAazin HamadPrieš 8 dienų
  • The game quality is pretty bad but good game its super scary 😨

    London MaddoxLondon MaddoxPrieš 8 dienų
  • I LOVED THE INTRO!! Thx Cory! That made my day :>

    Lily DavisonLily DavisonPrieš 8 dienų

    mikane emikane ePrieš 8 dienų
  • Tell me

    Habiba HirsiHabiba HirsiPrieš 8 dienų
  • Who isn't scared of there dad

    Habiba HirsiHabiba HirsiPrieš 8 dienų
  • why aint no one talking bout that sick introo

    Irmirin XIrmirin XPrieš 9 dienų
  • こんにちはコーリー あなたの大ファンです

    Jaylinb LuckettJaylinb LuckettPrieš 9 dienų
  • That intro is everything 💃🏻😁

    Jessica JuradoJessica JuradoPrieš 9 dienų
  • The last game you when that guy wa sstading in the corner that look like the Blair which

    steve sturbaumsteve sturbaumPrieš 9 dienų
  • Wow lot of effort of intro


    j3n xj3n xPrieš 9 dienų
  • I like how Corey mix up the old time road to his own old Town road song lyrics n to delicious UwU

    Candice ThompkinsCandice ThompkinsPrieš 9 dienų
  • i love when he was singing old town road QwQ

    malik playzmalik playzPrieš 9 dienų
  • "Jesus is my Lord and savior" AMENNNN

    TutuLulufufutofu YTTutuLulufufutofu YTPrieš 9 dienų
  • Cory: why is he samurai slicing that meat. Me:he should be samurai slicing that like buttin

    TanakaTanakaPrieš 9 dienų
  • kinda like blair witch the last one

    Rob LaurenceRob LaurencePrieš 9 dienų
  • Slice that like Botton if u watch this in 2021

    froppy fan Blackpink fanfroppy fan Blackpink fanPrieš 10 dienų
  • ppl who almost clicked of the vid bc they thought it was the video of cory singing old town road

    Issac JonesIssac JonesPrieš 10 dienų
  • 2:10 😂

    Breasiaa MBreasiaa MPrieš 10 dienų
  • who liked me?

    Kiley ProsserKiley ProsserPrieš 10 dienų
  • I love u like Hheeeellll

    X SHIMX SHIMPrieš 11 dienų
  • 3:01 I freaking love that movie. I even *CRIED* when *Spoiler* Wilson the volleyball died.

    Agent FurrsAgent FurrsPrieš 11 dienų
  • cory that was fire

    Robert CeasarRobert CeasarPrieš 11 dienų
  • at the end of swallow the sea the thing he turned into really said char char

    Bianca CenatusBianca CenatusPrieš 11 dienų
  • Cory your hair looks like hot cheetos

    Pheonyx playzPheonyx playzPrieš 11 dienų
  • Take your pills cory

    fgteev fanfgteev fanPrieš 11 dienų
  • Why was the beginning an actual bop

    Dumb AssDumb AssPrieš 11 dienų
  • have you played fnaf ar

    Kiley ProsserKiley ProsserPrieš 12 dienų
  • hi

    Kiley ProsserKiley ProsserPrieš 12 dienų
  • noice*

    Florina IgasFlorina IgasPrieš 12 dienų
  • Im August 3 1994

    Madcatz212Madcatz212Prieš 12 dienų
  • Corey that old town Road song I love it and that’s my favorite song and you’re more important than it and good singing

    Jeziah RobinsonJeziah RobinsonPrieš 12 dienų
  • the scene with the man and the pencil if you just repeat the scene without the pencil showing part it looks so wroung

    Fredis Valdez-HernandezFredis Valdez-HernandezPrieš 13 dienų
  • Bad idea to re-watch this at 12 AM 😅😂🤣🤌👁👄👁🤌

    orange_peelorange_peelPrieš 13 dienų
  • Dude i have head phones my sis let me use her head phones

    Brittany EnglandBrittany EnglandPrieš 13 dienų
  • those crooked @$$ teeth...

    Cece was hereCece was herePrieš 13 dienų
  • Why the third game is like a rip off from "Blair witch"? 😂😂😂 Especially at the 24:03 😂

    Katherine wils. TRKatherine wils. TRPrieš 14 dienų
  • bro who just skipped the first game that cory played cuz it was butt

    Baby LarryBaby LarryPrieš 14 dienų
  • A demon came out from hell

    Karlita CheeKarlita CheePrieš 14 dienų

    SuperLondon24SuperLondon24Prieš 14 dienų
  • Cory: "Now whos the freaking Bully on the block!?" (Purple monster comes) Cory: not me.

    Tyree WoodallTyree WoodallPrieš 14 dienų
  • 13:47 this is how y’all should SAMURAI SLICE that like button

    Baller Sean Taylor #21Baller Sean Taylor #21Prieš 15 dienų
  • when I jug 2 bottles of wine 🍷 12:15

    Baller Sean Taylor #21Baller Sean Taylor #21Prieš 15 dienų
  • Samurai were the hereditary military nobility and officer caste of medieval and early-modern Japan from the 12th century to their abolition in the 1870s. They were the well-paid retainers of the daimyo. They had high prestige and special privileges such as wearing two swords. They cultivated the bushido codes of martial virtues, indifference to pain, and unflinching loyalty, engaging in many local battles. During the peaceful Edo era they became the stewards and chamberlains of the daimyo estates, gaining managerial experience and education. In the 1870s samurai families comprised 5% of the population. The Meiji Revolution ended their feudal roles, and they moved into professional and entrepreneurial roles. Their memory and weaponry remain prominent in Japanese popular culture.

    •SmartyOrangeミスターモンキー••SmartyOrangeミスターモンキー•Prieš 15 dienų
  • best ASMR 2:57

    Andrew CapertonAndrew CapertonPrieš 15 dienų
  • I love corys reaction after dramatically opening the cheetos bag LOL

    NottValenceNottValencePrieš 15 dienų
  • Why are you leaving us at 10 mill pewdiepie has 108mill and hes not quiting😞

    Jasux45Jasux45Prieš 15 dienų
  • He really be using lovely peaches

    Alisson EspinosaAlisson EspinosaPrieš 15 dienų
  • I'm still scared of my dad and I'm 13🤣

    Masen HilliardMasen HilliardPrieš 15 dienų
  • Its done whew 🤧

    Blue eyed TwinzBlue eyed TwinzPrieš 15 dienų
  • I'm in my room... alone.... and the light is off... and I am scared... I did it for you Cory you said snacks and lights off so I did... 😐😌💅

    Blue eyed TwinzBlue eyed TwinzPrieš 15 dienų
  • Oh he didn't my bad caps

    Blue eyed TwinzBlue eyed TwinzPrieš 15 dienų
  • Guys I have never heard cory say s&%$

    Blue eyed TwinzBlue eyed TwinzPrieš 15 dienų
  • 24:59 i thought it said minigolf too 😂😂😂

    KeSean EllingtonKeSean EllingtonPrieš 15 dienų
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    kervon soundskervon soundsPrieš 16 dienų
  • You know how much edits this probably took lol

    Dynamic SizzlerDynamic SizzlerPrieš 16 dienų
  • Coryxkenshin you are making my quarantine better

    Ιωάννα ΔημοπούλουΙωάννα ΔημοπούλουPrieš 16 dienų
  • Coryxkenshin: "Jesus is my lord and savior" Me: "Amen 🙏🏽"

    Sweet TeaSweet TeaPrieš 16 dienų
  • The lights in my room started flashing at the end of the house in the woods and in that moment I thought I was gonna die.

    Benjamin LavoieBenjamin LavoiePrieš 16 dienų