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  • Apologies I couldn't make the video longer as I have family at my house and didn't have time to edit this like I wanted to!

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    • you should have merch that says

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    • cory its already 400k likes

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    • cory when you comeing back to mincraft

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    • @Mnaxw you have a

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    • Play Minecraft u have 480k👍 now!

  • Yo cory can you play MiNeCrAfT again and beat the Ender Dragon 🐉?

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  • Hey cory one tipe for you you have a bone and you nid to find a wolf and you can tame it and what you hit da wolf will kill it for you i hope this is helpful :)

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  • Where part 6

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  • Bro he need to do the minecraft series again

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  • Sounds like Cory in his old videos 11:20

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  • Let's go, we finally found diamonds! Now we just need 2 million more subs and we getting that diamond play button!!!!

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  • PART 6

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  • bro that what that smell made me die

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  • 🚨🚨ENCHANTMENT GUIDE 🚨🚨 Cory if you put books around a enchantment table the options of enchants will be stronger. Some enchants cant be combined together for example sharpness, bane of arthropods and smite cant combine together heres a list of enchantments for your sword: • Sharpness - makes it deals more damage • Smite - deals more of damage to only zombies and skeletons • Bane of arthropods - deals alot of damage to only spiders • Fire aspect - lights your enimies on fire • Sweeping edge - attack multiple enimies at a time • Knockback - knock your enimies back Heres some enchantments for a bow: • Power - makes it deal more damage • Infinity - use no arrows • Punch - knock your enimies back. • Piercing - your arrows can go through sheilds and two enimies at a time. •Mulitishot - shoot 3 arrows at a time, while only using 1 arrow. • Flame - light your enimies on fire Here's some enchant that can be used on tools(also can be used on weapons and armor): • Efficiency - make's you mine faster. • Fortune - get more block drops. • Mending - Repair items using experience. • Unbreaking - makes your tools last longer • Silk touch - makes you mine things that you can only get with silk touch ex: •Stone •glass •ores ext. And finally here's some enchants for your armor • Protection - makes you take less damage from mobs. • Thorns - the damage that mobs give you will reflect on to them •Aqua infinity - makes you breath longer in water (helmet only) • Depth strider - makes you walk/swim faster in water(boots only) • Frost walker - turns the water youre walking in into ice(boots only) • Feather falling - makes you take less fall damage

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  • Please do another episode of mindcraft

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  • diamond is not the strongest ore in the game go the the nether and go the Y 15 and less the to find ancient debris and you can mine it with your diamond pickaxe, when you ancient debris you need four of them and four gold to craft a netherite ingot, next you need any diamond tool or armor and you can put it in the crafting table with the netherite ingot and it creates netherite tools and armor.

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  • Tips Those long dudes are endermen if killed they drop ender pearls You can build a portal with 10 obsidian in the shape of a [ ] You can find a fortress that contains blazes that if you kill drop blaze powder Like so he sees this.

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  • please go back there is an end to the game

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  • Nether*

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    • This guy really made like 3 paragraphs of info

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  • Also go to the Nother as a video for people that are new in Minecraft but actually you have to make a nether portal would you need obsidian and make it Dora like then light it up with fluent and steel

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  • And emerald is a little stronger than diamonds also I don’t know if you can make armor out of them or tools but you can build stuff out of emerald with emerald blocks if you have a crafting table you can make it a Emerald block what you just have to get it filled with Emerald also you should have a booby trap if monsters attack your animal farm actually I forgot what it is

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  • Also in the next video you should find some emerald because I played Minecraft I have a lot of emerald and I only have nine diamonds

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  • Also if you see water going down you can literally climb up the water somehow also there is RL Minecraft also I don’t know if it’s a mod

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  • Also that tall standing black guy is called a Enderman I don’t know how he got to the overworld he supposed to be in the end with the ender dragon but probably an ender portal was in the overworld that someone was playing in the same server of yours also if you kill a Enderman you get a ender pearl they and it lets you teleport like an Enderman also nice house also you should put a second third fourth and fifth floor because you have a tower also if you enchant your sword it becomes way more stronger also you can make a potion I forgot how to do that also you could make a potion of slowness but right now you can’t because you haven’t played Minecraft for six months so I guess you don’t know how to make potions yet but you will learn more

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  • imagine it gliches like choal and gives him a whole stack on dimonds

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  • part 6

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  • Bro that enderman part had rolling over in laughter 19:18

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  • wHeN paRT 6

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  • What about Minecraft part six

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  • play valorant plss

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  • I think he die that why

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  • No cap any type of music Cory hears ,my guy HAS to make a remix of it

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  • *Combat Tip.* I personally like to use a *Axe* as my primary weapon in Minecraft. And here's one simple reason on why I recommend using it. - *The Damage Rate* It would seem logic that a Diamond Axe does more damage than a Diamond Sword, and it does. A Diamond Sword deals 7 hearts of damage, but a Diamond Axe can deal up to *9 hearts* of damage. This can sometimes instantly kill certain mobs and animals. And putting a *Sharpness V* Enchantment on your Axe makes it even better. (You have to enchant books, because these enchantments cannot be put on it by via the enchanting table) The damage rate for the Axe will go up to *12 hearts* of damage and it will be a pretty good Axe.

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  • I feel like you should make a new video now that you said you wanna move on to more series. Don't do them quick. Do it with patience but not too much. Meaning the editing shouldn't be big. Like for example you skipped like 15 Hours of Playtime in Ghost of Thushima. Maybe even more if you talk about the whole series. Edit: I got Minecraft in a way for Free on PC for the Java edition and i saw that there is a "Toggle to crouch" option. Why don't you guys use that so you don't have to hold Shift everytime? It's less challenging and it might make your finger hurt. Having to hold shift everytime. Anyways it's simple. Press Shift again to stop being Crouched. Also don't be mad for me doing that. I already have the game on PS4 but i wanna have the Java version too. I will buy the game and make a Mojang account. Anyways i don't even got a good Laptop so it don't matter. I'm Literally on Young Cory's shoes right now. Can't do much because i have a bad computer. But though it ain't really my computer 100% my dad installed or whatever Windows 10 but it still runs kinda Meh, i respect the developers in every way. My Microsoft Account though is weird though. I can't log in. I don't know what my mom did but i Can't log in.

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  • Le tip: Mine obsidian with a diamond pickaxe so that you can go to the epic nether

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  • If you want better armour and tools you have to be in the nether and get netherite scraps get a special crafting table and put a diamond tool

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  • Dus cave is freaking loaded wit diamonds. 💎💎

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  • Cory, if you put the enchantment table in a room with book shelves, you can get better enchantments for your stuff. Sharpness I makes your sword stronger, protection I gives your armor more defense, same goes for sharpness II or protection II but instead the stats are increased more. There are 3 lvls for each enchantment I, II, and III. This only applies to certain enchantments, some have 5 lvls. Also this is optional but their are music discs you can collect by having a skeleton accidentally kill a creeper. Edit: you can use them on a jukebox

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  • I know this man did not just put a Kira clip in there🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • Bruh that enderman jumpscear

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  • Plz make a part six

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  • cory... ITS BEEN 5 MONTHS

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  • Tip: use a sword to break spider webs faster

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  • Do part 6 please

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  • it's all fun and games until cory's diamond pickaxe breaks

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  • He got better

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  • Cory theres something calleed NETHERITE netherite is the strongest material in the game and it cant be burnt on lava you can only find netherite in the NETHER and becareful in the nether theres alot of fire and lava so if you die in lva your stuff is gone so how to find netherite netherite have to be made by Netherite scrap and to find it you have to find Ancient debris ancient debris can be find in the nether within Y 22 untill 8 but its most common if you dig at layer 14 and Ancient debris cannot explode so the trick to mining ancient debris is using a bed to explode half a chunk of the nether and ancient debris are brown so if you see a brown block uts ancient debris.ancient debris can be mined by Diamond pickaxe or netherite pickaxe to make a netherite ingot you need 4 netherite scrap and 4 gold creates a netherite ingot to upgrade ur tools or armor you need a smithing table which is 2 iron and 4 wood if you read this thanks :)

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  • YO we hit 400k where is are min- "shut UP!" anybody else sad that subnautica is done?

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  • This video got 400k Likes and I ain’t seeing another video :(

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  • You must found obsidian for build nether portal

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  • hey we hit 400k likes make part 6

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  • MAKE PART 6!!!! This series is the best

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  • What’s with that enderman

  • More Minecraft videos

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  • Cory Please let play Minecraft episode 6 I like u play Minecraft Please please need u come back to Minecraft

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  • Btw that was a witch sound in the cave if you see this this will let you know that was a witch

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  • Who agrees that he should go to the nether? Name some tips for him in the reply section 😁

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  • If you have a name tag you should name the white horse sora

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  • if u hear that creepy laugh cory thats a witch and she kills u

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  • His peaceful zone is now a danger zone

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  • Where did you go

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  • U could if just put water down with the lava

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  • I rlly hope he brings this back

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  • Coryxkenshin I can't I can't not by the much I'm sorry

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  • tips for the nether: when you go to the nether take or wear some sort of gold armor around the piglins so they don’t attack you, the piglins will look like pigs (obviously), there is a zombie pigman and a piglin, they will look different, zombie pigmen are pink and the piglins are tannish brown. also do t mine nether gold next to the piglins because they will attack you. and if you hit a zombie pigman all the zombie pigmen in the area will attack you. endermen are also in the nether so be careful. GHASTS, they are giant ghost lookin bois, and the shoot fire balls, and sometimes they shoot it at your nether portal so build a little hut around the nether portal (in the nether) so it wont get destroyed. You can also deflect the fire balls if you swipe your sword at the fire ball, and sometime hit the ghast with its own fire ball and it one shot kills the ghast. Blazes, blazes also shoot fire balls and if you kill them they drop blaze rods, and blaze rods can be use to make a eye of ender, thats how you get to the END. Wither skeletons they are black skeletons and have stone swords, nothing important with them except their heads can be dropped and you can pick it up, Normal skeletons also spawn in the nether. one tip i forgot to mention about the piglins is that you can give them gold ingots and they will give you something in return. also dont place beds in the nether becuase the will explode. thank you for your time

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  • go back to minecraft

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  • gfgf

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  • You can get obsidein to go to the neither

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  • I wish he would come back and beat this

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  • those black creeps are called Endermans

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  • Cory we beg you please keep playing ..........MINECRAFT

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  • Alright, lemme teach you about enchantments Cory. Before I actually talk about the enchanting table itself, something else is really important for the enchanting table; bookshelves. You can make these using 3 books and 6 wood planks. If you surround the enchanting table with these bookshelves, it can get you increasingly better enchantments. Another thing that is important is your experience points. I’m pretty sure you know about exp, so I won’t go over it much. Basically, for certain enchantments you need a higher level of exp. Also, there’s 2 other objects that are related to the enchanting table. A grindstone and an anvil. A grindstone is crafted using a stone slab, 2 sticks, and 2 wood planks. Whenever you put an enchanted item in the slot, it can revert the item back to its normal state. I’ll talk a bit more about this in a minute. Then, there’s the anvil. This thing is pretty expensive, it costs 31 iron, and in order to craft it, you need to make 3 iron blocks. 1 iron block is 9 iron spread all throughout the crafting table GUI thing. You need 3 of these. Place the iron blocks on the top row of the crafting table, then 1 iron ingot in the middle, then on the bottom row fill the rest in with iron ingots. The anvil can be used to rename items, add enchantments from enchantment books (more on that later), and repair items. Don’t use the anvil too much though, because it can break. Now, the enchantments. Every tool or armor piece has 2 great enchantments that go with them, unbreaking and mending. Unbreaking makes your tools and armor more tough, so it takes longer to break. Mending is quite rare, and it’s similar to unbreaking. Basically, whenever you get exp, the items that are enchanted with mending will be repaired a bit. This allows use of a tool forever, as long as you can get exp (from killing creatures, breeding animals, trading, smelting, mining diamonds, smelting, and more), this way you don’t have to keep using and finding rare diamonds every so often to make new tools. The best enchantments for the sword is: sharpness, sweeping edge, knockback, fire aspect, and looting. Before I move on to other stuff, sometimes you might want to have 1 enchantment than the other, based on the situation. I’ll explain why when I get to them. The best enchantments for the pickaxe is efficiency, there’s fortune, where it can give more goodies when mining ores, and there’s also silk touch, which for certain blocks picks up that exact block. Silk touch cancels out the effect of fortune, because if you mine an ore with silk touch, you’ll just get the actual ore block every time. This works for a lot of other stuff, especially glass and ice. Axes count as both a tool and weapon if you didn’t know... while yes, axes are used to chop down trees and gather wooden objects, axes are also very powerful. They deal more damage than swords by default, the catch is, you have to wait a bit longer before the tiny sword meter below your crosshair is recharged, while the sword is an overall faster weapon, but deals less damage. Personally, I suggest mainly using swords against animals and monsters, as it’s just much easier. Against other players however, axes can be a lot more useful. But you don’t need to worry about that, since you’re in a single player world. The best enchantments for the axe is the same as the pickaxe, except fortune. Same thing with the shovel. Now onto armor. The best enchantments for the helmet is respiration, aqua affinity (it might not exist anymore), protection, fire protection, and thorns. The best enchantments for the chestplate are protection, fire protection and thorns. The best enchantments for the pants are the same as the chest plate, for boots the best ones are depth strider, feather falling, protection and fire protection. You might come across blast protection and projectile protection, but just ignore those. Your shield absorbs all impact from explosions, as well as arrows, so don’t waste your levels on those two. The enchantment you put on your sword is actually one of the worst, it’s only effective on spiders, and other bugs. So it’s best to put that in the grindstone to revert it back and get exp for it.

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    • Jesus

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  • Yo his singing tho

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  • Finish this series

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  • “Minecraft IS BACK” *last minecraft episode 5 months ago*

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  • Best youtuber ever

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  • 19:30 :0

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  • I saw your TickTock about that monster that thing that telephones yeah he just said hello

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  • Where is part six bro

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  • So like my boy never made another Minecraft video after this one.... wow

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  • Bro Cory u got 491k likes can u make a part 6

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  • Cory bring back Minecraft plzzzzzzzz

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  • Actually ur not the fastest diamond finder someone found some in 1 min and 30 secs!

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  • Fight the wither ingredients: soul sand and 3 wither skulls. And to get those items you have to go to the nether and get flint and steel

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  • Play the game again

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